What Can Be Leased

Businesses lease equipment because they know that leasing offers numerous advantages over other type of financing, including tax deductions, balance sheet management, immediate write-offs, great flexibility, customized solutions, better asset management, improved cash flow, flexible end of term options, easy upgrades, and fast processing.

Agriculture Equipment – Harvesting machines, Planting machines, Hay and cotton bailers, Irrigation systems, Tractors, Dairy machinery, Food processing, and Livestock equipment.

Auto Equipment – Wheel balancer, Alignment machine, Automotive lift, Frame Machine, Paint Booth, Tire changer, and Crankshaft balancer.

Business Computers – File/Print/Mail Servers, Mainframes, CAD/CAM systems, Workstations, Microcomputers, PC network equipment, Peripherals, Plotters, Printers, and Scanners.

Construction Equipment – Bulldozers, Cement trucks, Compactors, Concrete equipment, Cranes, Earth movers, Backhoes, Excavators, Jackhammers, Construction lights/signs, Surveying equipment, Tractors.

Dry Cleaning Equipment – Dry cleaning machines, Pressing machines, Steam boilers, Vacuum units, Steamers, Air compressors, Spotting boards, and Tension pressing equipment.

Embroidery and Screen Printing Equipment

Heavy Equipment – Cranes, Bulldozers, Wheel loaders, Overlands, Generators, Concrete mixers, Silos, Excavators, Conveyors, and Smooth rollers.

Industrial Equipment:  Grinders, Lathes, Material handling, Packaging equipment, Production equipment, Punch/Press machines, Welding equipment, Silkscreen equipment, Injection moldings, Embroidery machines, Quilting machines, Textile machines, and Automatic looms.

Medical Equipment – Blood analyzers, CT scanners, Exam tables, Surgical equipment, Heart monitors, Lab testing machines, Optical equipment, Rehab equipment, X-ray machines, and Sonagrams.

Metalworking Equipment:  Grinding machines, Lathes, Screw Machines, Milling machines, Production equipment, Plasma cutter, Welding equipment, Press brakes, Machine centers, Bridgeport mills, and Vertical mills.

Restaurant Equipment – Bar equipment, Countertop griddles, Electric Slicers, Food warmers, Fryers, Furniture, Glo-Lite signs, Grills, Hot dog equipment, Ice machines, Microwaves, and Paging systems.

Office Equipment – Copiers, Embossers/Folders, Facsimile equipment, File cabinets, Furniture, Labeling machines, Postage machines, Telephones, Video conferencing equip., and Work stations.

Printing Equipment – Binders/cutters, Colorimeters, Computerized presses, Silkscreening, Graphic cameras, Photo processing, Printing presses, and Typesetting equipment.

Software – Accounting software, CAD software, Point-of-Sale, Manufacturing software, CRM software, E-commerce software, Inventory management, and Municipal software.

Telecom Equipment – Telephone systems, VOIP, Multiplexers, Switches, Voice processing hardware, Transformers, and Routers..